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QRA WHOLE BODY HEALTH, Dr. Cheryl Stopper, Naturopathic Doctor

Platinum Award Quantum Reflex Analysis, QRA, Practitioner in Cedar Park, Austin area, Texas
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I.    Testimonials

II.   A Naturopathic Doctor is

III.  About  Dr. Cheryl Stopper

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A.    Acute Care

B.    Chronically Ill

C.    High Quality Chronic Care

1.   Provide the Body with Premium Quality Anti-Infective Herbs

2.   Support Safe and Effective Detoxification

3.   Support the Body's Organs, Glands and Systems



A.     Affiliations

B.     Degrees

C.     Pertinent Experience

D.     Pertinent Awards

E.     Continuing Education

F.     Quantum Reflex Analysis, QRA

1.   The Next Generation in Muscle Testing

2.   Identifying Specific Needs of Various Organs, Glands, Systems, Bones, Muscles and Biofields/Energy



A.      During a Consultation, Dr. Stopper will:

1.   Ask Your Three Main Concerns/Problems.

2.   QRA Test Your Body for:

      A.   Its three biggest problems.

      B.   The causes of your three main concerns

      C.    The preferred nutrient for each of these key problems and the precise amount of nutrients needed.

      D.    Which methods your body prefers to use to remove toxins.

      E.    The specific external cleansing/detox therapy your body prefers.

            i.        Mudpacking at Home

            ii.       In Office Mudpacking

B.      Frequency of Visits depend upon:

1.   How Long the Individual Has Been Ill

2.   How Fast the Body Wants to or is able to Heal

      A.   Vata body types

      B.   A Body that has been Chronically Ill for a Longer Period…

      C.   Support Herbal Products

      D.  Anti-Infective Herbal Products

3.   Most of Dr. Stopper's Clients Schedule a Consultation Once Every…

C.      Consultation Fee 

1.   Telephone Consultations

2.   First Time Appointments

D.     Shipping



A.     Email

B.     Telephone


After 2 years of one appointment every 6 to 9 week, this 60 year old male "tested 92 out of 100 on his workplace biometric screening". J.R., Iowa.


"I am getting better and better!  Thank you so much for what you have done for me and continue to do.  You saved my life, and I will never be able to repay you for that, but I sure will try.  God bless you."  T.W., Tx.


"What you cost me is so little in comparison to the cost of all the M.D.s, chiropractors and accupuncturists I've gone to. I paid out so much money to them and got so little in return.  I feel better than I have ever felt in my entire adult life." S.P., D,Tx.


"That is the best money I have ever spent." D.J., A,Tx.


"Thank you for all you do.  You made a huge difference in my daughter's life. She has gone back to college to finish her degree." J.G., H,Tx.


"I have lost nearly 100 pounds since coming to you (a year ago)." V.L., A,Tx.


"I just had blood work and urine tests done for an insurance policy. They said I am in fabulous shape for a 58 year old." E.P., LV, Tx.


"After I lose another 10 pounds in a contest (at my gym) I will have lost 100 pounds since I started coming to you (1½ years of monthly consultations).  After the pain in this beautiful lady's feet was gone, she started exercising on her own." H.G., A,Tx.


"M.D.s couldn't fix my constipation, but you cured it." J.E., A,Tx.


"I know you won't be surprised when I tell you that my head pain virtually disappeared after my first dose of GallbladderND Saturday afternoon.  I experienced only the slightest pain twice Sunday, and am totally pain free today. You are AMAZING!" E.D., S,Tx.


"Three weeks ago when I told my Pain Management doctor about my consultation with you, he was very skeptical and ordered blood, stool and saliva samples. I got the results last Thursday.  The tests showed Toxoplasmosis parasites around my heart.... Ameba and inflammation were positive in the stool sample.  My white cell blood count was up - fighting the infections.  My pancreas was depressed but not alarmingly.  There is no diabetes, and the sugar level is okay. Thus, the tests totally confirmed what you had already told me, and you now have the trust of my Pain Management doctor.  He even said to stay on your protocol because it was going to be way safer to get rid of the parasites and amoeba than the drugs he could offer.  I thought you would love hearing this.  I know I did!" T.M., CP,Tx.


Two weeks after her MMR injection this 20 month old began to have series seizures (4 to 11 seizures within a 15 minute period).

From October to December she had 6 series seizures.

From January to March she had 11 series seizures.

From April to June she had 10 series seizures.

She was brought in for her first visit on May 24 of that same year.

From July to September she had 1 series seizure.

She was brought in for her second visit on October 8.

From Oct. - Dec. she had NO seizures whatsoever.

On January 1 of the following year she had one seizure that lasted a few seconds - not a series seizure.  She had her third visit January 9th.  We mudpacked five areas on her body in my office the following September. After we mudpacked the sites on her head, her biofield/aura moved from 1 inch to 7 inches out from her body by QRA testing. She still rarely has almost imperceptible seizures. Testing showed she needed more mudpacks.  Being only two years old, her parents decided to wait until she is a couple of years older and is easier for them to mudpack.  H.H., A,Tx.


"My son was very emotional, beating his head on chairs and saying 'I hate you' alot. He had difficulty focusing in school and was about to be held back. He even had trouble lying still enough to fall asleep." (Seven months later) "My son got all As on his last report card." M.C., CP,Tx.


"I feel great, thanks to you." B.M., A,Tx.


         The information provided on this website is for informational purposes only and is not intended for use as diagnosis, prevention or treatment of a health problem or as a substitute for consulting a licensed medical professional.  References to any entity, product, service, person or source of information on this website should not be considered an endorsement, either direct or implied, by the presenter of this website.  The presenter of this website is not responsible for the content of any web pages referenced in this website.

II.   A TRADITIONAL NATUROPATHIC DOCTOR IS a holistic, alternative practitioner who uses natural methods - not surgery or drugs - to provide the body with the raw materials needed in order to heal itself.  Naturopathic Doctors, and all other practitioners who use mostly herbal products to help their clients or patients heal, are chronic care practitioners - as opposed to acute care practitioners, medical doctors.

A.   Acute Care involves surgery, medical drugs, etc., for an urgent problem.


B.   Chronically Ill people are generally chronically fatigued - with overwhelmed adrenals and often thyroids that have been supporting the body's battles with infections often on several fronts for years.


C.   High Quality Chronic Care provides symptom relief while finding and helping the body to fight the root cause of the body’s cascade of multiple problems.  High quality chronic care, therefore, entails using premium quality herbal products to:

1.    PROVIDE THE BODY WITH THE ANTI-INFECTIVE HERBS it prefers to help it battle its infections.

2.    SUPPORT SAFE AND EFFECTIVE DETOXIFICATION/cleansing mainly with mudpacks while supporting the detoxification organs, particularly the liver and the kidneys.  Accumulated toxins, as well as die off caused by the battle with infections, are very acidic.  They must be removed from the body, or they will accumulate and foster more infection.

3.    SUPPORT THE BODY'S ORGANS, GLANDS AND SYSTEMS, particularly the immune and digestive systems.

A.    The immune system includes the body's lymphatic system, which moves the body's infection fighters to wherever they need to be.

B.    We can eat the best of food; but if our digestive systems cannot absorb much of it, the body is still malnourished.


A.   AffiliationsSince 2005 Dr. Stopper has been a member in good standing of the American Naturopathic Medical Association - this nation's oldest and largest association of traditional Doctors of Naturopathy dedicated to exploring new frontiers of mind, body, medicine and health.


B.   Degrees:  Dr. Stopper received her first Master's Degree “With Distinction” from California State University at Northridge in Special Education.  Dr. Stopper received her Doctor of Naturopathy with “High Honors” from Clayton College of Natural Health.


C.   Pertinent Experience:  Dr. Stopper has been a traditional Doctor of Naturopathy for a dozen years and a QRA practitioner since 2004.


D.   Pertinent Awards:  Dr. Stopper has received PRL/Healthline's Platinum Award for outstanding excellence as a certified QRA Referral Practitioner and outstanding excellence in patient care for many years.


E.   Continuing Education:  Dr. Stopper has attended over a dozen QRA seminars.  Dr. Stopper also keeps abreast of new, cutting edge holistic healing developments by attending monthly national webinars.  Dr. Stopper also reads extensively in nutrition, including using foods as well as herbs, to support the body.

F.   Quantum Reflex Analysis, QRA:

1.    IS THE NEXT GENERATION IN MUSCLE TESTING, applied kinesthetics.  QRA uses the fingers of the hand, rather than the arm to test the strength or weakness of various parts of the body.

2.    Makes it quite easy for a dedicated, experienced QRA practitioner, like Dr. Stopper, to IDENTIFY THE SPECIFIC, INDIVIDUAL NEEDS OF VARIOUS ORGANS, GLANDS, SYSTEMS, BONES, MUSCLES, BIOFIELDS/ENERGY and emotions.  This enables Dr. Stopper to get to the ROOT CAUSE of specific health concerns to save unneeded expense and help the body return to optimum health, including:

A.     Detoxifying and clearing digestive problems.

B.     Building and maintaining normal flow in the lymphatic system.

C.     Identifying and clearing the cause of pain.

D.     Clearing chronic infections.

E.     Cleansing and removing decades of built up toxins.

F.      Building and stabilizing energy.

G.    Balancing hormones.

H.     Raising pH to help stabilize mood, reduce colds and illness and ward off infection.

I.        Clearing emotional stumbling blocks.


A.   During a Consultation, Dr. Stopper Will:



A.   Its Three Biggest Problems - organs, glands, systems, bone, etc.  Dr. Stopper identifies these key problems/dominoes, because she has learned in her dozen years of doing QRA that it is far cheaper for the client.  When the key problems/dominoes fall, the minor supporting problems/ dominoes also fall.

B.   The Causes of Your Three Main Concerns.  These causes have always been one or a combination of the body’s three biggest problems.

C.   The Preferred Nutrient for Each of These Key Problems and the precise amount of nutrients needed to assist the body to overcome these problems.  Dr. Stopper has tested many lines of herbal supplements, and therefore uses almost exclusively Premier Research Lab's - Healthline's - synergistic herbal blends and food and mineral supplement products, because they test far above the quality of any herbal product line she has ever tested.

D.   Which Methods Your Body Prefers to Use to Remove Toxins - usually both:

i.      ORALLY WITH LIQUIDS such as concentrated green tea, calcium bentonite clay and/or Aloe Arborescens.

ii.     MUDPACKS:

a.     To remove years of build up toxins pooling at the feet, hands and blocking the detox organs - the liver, intestines, kidneys, lungs and skin.

b.    For interference fields, IF- usually an old trauma or scar - to eliminate problems in an organ or gland that the interference field has been sedating for years causing sluggish functioning.  Common examples of this are an IF (often a C-section) sedating the stomach, causing problems in breaking down food and digesting protein, and an IF (often an episiotomy) sedating the adrenals, which are responsible for providing energy to the body (See Anti-Aging heading).

c.     To align the body’s biofield from head to toe and provide long missing minerals (See Anti-Aging heading).

E.    The Specific External Cleansing/Detox Therapy Your Body Prefers.  Although most of my clients do their own mudpacks in their own homes, mudpacks are available in my office.

i.      MUDPACKING AT HOME is slower but much cheaper.  Most clients’ bodies are able to do one mudpack every three to four days without getting detox/cleansing flu-like symptoms.  All clients receive FREE telephone or email consultations between scheduled consultations.  These free telephone or email consultations are usually used for getting the next set of detoxifying/cleansing mudpacks.

ii.     IN OFFICE MUDPACKING:  Most clients’ bodies are able to do:

a.     Up to fourremove years of build up toxins” or “interference field” mudpacks in two to four hours in my office without getting any cleansing/detox symptoms because of the excellent energy in my office.  In a good energy environment, all of our meridian pathways are open and strong.  Therefore, toxins move much more efficiently out of the body into the mudpack material, and the residual toxins also move much more efficiently to the liver and intestines for removal.  But in a good energy environment, the mudpack will stay on even twice as long, because the mudpack can reach deeper into the body and clean more thoroughly.

b.    One “align the biofield and provide long missing minerals” mudpack in one and a half to two hours.


B.   Frequency of Visits depend upon: 

1.    HOW LONG THE INDIVIDUAL HAS BEEN ILL or how chronically ill that person is.


A.   Vata Body Types usually cannot take as many anti-infective herbal products as a Pitta body type can.

B.   A Body that Has Been Chronically Ill for a Longer Period of time may need to begin with more support herbals and possibly only one anti-infective herbal product.  One of the oldest naturopathic precepts is that the body must be built up/supported before it can be torn down/infections removed.  The more anti-infective herbals that the body is taking, the more support products are needed to support the die off of pathogen bodies and detoxification.

C.   Support Herbal Products:

i.      Make the body feel better much sooner.

ii.     Supply the needed raw materials to help the body repair damaged organs, glands and systems.

iii.    Do NOT help the body to be rid of Candida fungi, bacteria, parasites, and virus.  Support herbals combinations do not usually contain any anti-infective herbals.

iv.   Help tired organs and glands function well enough to begin to detox = move toxins out of the body, including dead Candida, bacteria, parasites and virus as well as the about 15% of the toxins left in the tissues when mudpacking.  About 85% of the toxins in a mudpacked site are removed exogenously - saving the liver, kidneys, gallbladder and intestines from having to deal with this acidic material.

D.   Anti-Infective Herbal Products supply the raw materials to help support the body’s fight with infections. 



A.    Email: 

B.   Telephone:  512-219-5638